Now available: Loop Micro Mount - Loop Mount

Now available: Loop Micro Mount

After another successful fundraiser on Kickstarter, we’re thrilled to offer our third bike phone mount, Micro Mount for general sale. It’s available directly from our website. 

Using a phone for bike navigation and tracking is great - after all, that smartphone in your pocket is probably already coming along for the ride, so why use an outdated, clunky cycle computer?

That's where Micro Mount from Loop comes in - a discreet mount that securely attaches your phone to your bike while you're on the go. 

What is Loop Micro Mount?

Micro Mount is a compact, lightweight, and durable bike phone mount and the best news? You don't need to change your phone case to use it. 

Micro Mount uses your bike’s stem cap to create a solid yet adaptable mount position for your smartphone. Micro Mount, like our Loop Mount, can orientate your phone in either portrait or landscape position.

Using a bike phone mount is crucial for safe navigation and prevents the need to stop and check your route - or worse, continue to ride, glancing at directions as you pedal. Micro Mount takes care of that, leaving you free to concentrate on the road ahead. Other mounts are often unattractive, and some require expensive phone cases - Micro Mount is neither! 


At Loop, we pay attention to the details, from the sliding mechanism to the tabs that keep your phone in place - our products are engineered to high standards, and you can feel the quality when you hold them. Try searching for a metal bike phone mount. There aren’t many out there, and we think none are as good as ours!

When not in use, Micro Mount retracts and blends in seamlessly with your bike, making it our most inconspicuous mount yet. Micro Mount is an ideal road bike phone mount.

To keep things simple and to blend in with the colour of your handlebars, we offer Micro Mount in two colours: silver and black.

How do you fit Loop Micro Mount? 

Fitting the Micro Mount is a breeze and can be done in under a minute. We offer two modes of fitting: Fixed Mode and Removable Mode. If you have a Threadless stem, you can permanently replace your stem bolt and cap with the Micro Mount without an additional accessory - this is fixed mode.

Where possible, we’d recommend attaching the Micro Mount in the fixed stem position using the allen key which is included in the package.

If you have a Quill Stem (i.e. no stem bolt and cap) or want to move Micro Mount between bikes, you’ll need to use Micro Mount in removable mode. To do this, we offer two accompanying accessories.

The first accessory is the Removeable Stem Kit. It enables the quick removal of Micro Mount helping you to transfer it seamlessly to another bike with the Removeable Stem Kit or the Removeable O-ring kit. The Removeable Stem Kit is Garmin-compatible. That way you can add it to your road bike on the weekend, before switching it to your daily commuter for the ride to work.

The second accessory we’ve released for the Micro Mount is the Removeable O-ring kit. This lets you add Micro Mount to your bike wherever you see fit! It’s a neat solution for busy or cluttered handlebars as

What phones does Micro Mount fit?

We tested several prototypes to ensure Micro Mount fits a variety of phone sizes while keeping them secure. Micro Mount can fit most mainstream phones on the market, with a maximum opening of 83mm to grip your phone securely, even on rough terrain. 

We think Micro Mount is the best iPhone bike phone mount or Samsung Galaxy phone mount as it fits the latest iterations of those phones easily and securely - don’t forget it can be used in either portrait or landscape mode.

Being a universal bike phone mount, Micro Mount is a great solution for bikes used by multiple people. It works as an ebike phone mount for a family electric cargo bike. It’s a handy add-on to a pool bike shared across employees.

Jump to our specification page for Micro Mount, for the exact size of smartphone it will take. Just be sure to take into account your phone’s case. And if that still hasn’t answered your query, look at our frequently asked questions.

Micro Mount, is the best compact universal phone mount for your bike.

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