Experienced Manufacturers

Loop is a brand name of Alt Works Ltd - an experienced manufacturer and e-commerce company.

Imagined by cyclists

When cycling exploded in popularity during the 2020 lockdown, we knew we wanted to make beautiful, sleek and practical products for a new wave of cyclists. Being passionate cyclists ourselves we were frustrated by existing phone holders, especially those marketed as universal bike phone mounts. So, we began a complete redesign.

Designed like a bike component

Our aim was to create a mount that looked like it belonged on a bike, whether in use or not. We wanted it to have the same premium qualities as other bike components and last a lifetime.

Prototyped and tested

We wanted the mount to be ready to use when needed, without requiring any special phone case. For any cyclist, whatever their journey, on virtually any bike, using almost any phone. We spent over a year designing, developing and testing. The result? The best universal bike phone holders on the market.

Manufacturing and hand finish

Loop bike phone mounts feature an all-metal construction and are checked by hand to ensure the highest level of quality.